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Business Advisory Group

Project SEARCH Canterbury Business Advisory Group

The Business Advisory are a group of local key business and community leaders, human resources and employment experts who come together on a regular basis to take action on a number of key goals in conjunction with the Steering Committee.


The Business Advisory has a thorough understanding of the local job market, particularly entry level jobs.


The Business Advisory use their links with local business and community leaders to promote Project SEARCH to other local employers. Firstly, to promote the interns as potential employees but also to consider the merits of establishing an internship programme within their business.

Activities of the Business Advisory

  • Work in conjunction with the PSC Steering Group to secure jobs for interns

  • Create greater awareness about Project SEARCH within the local business community

  • Provide insight and forecasting regarding the local job market

  • Open doors to local employment opportunities through their networks

  • Improve links and build partnerships with local business and community

  • Provide business mentor opportunities to the interns

  • Provide advice and guidance to the onsite team

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