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Photo of 2019 Project SEARCH interns giving the thumbs up

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Current eligibility

  • ORS funded students

  • School Leaver (18-20yr)

  • EGL participant 


The most important criteria for acceptance into Project SEARCH is a desire to achieve paid employment.​

Expectation on Interns

This is an unpaid internship programme that runs for one school year, with breaks during school holidays. You will work five days a week so you need to be prepared to commit for this time.


You will be offered a mixture of practical work and classroom based learning. You can expect a range of experiences that will interest and challenge you.


You will be doing real work and you may have to step out of your comfort zone!

You are required to get yourself to work. You can take the bus, bike, drive or walk, just as long as you are doing it independently.


The team from Project SEARCH are knowledgeable, friendly and experienced, and will provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Photo of Project SEARCH intern Kingsley Yorke

"I bike to work. I like it because it keeps me fit, saves money and I get to sleep in longer"


- Kingsley Yorke, Project SEARCH Intern 2020

Expectation on Families

Students who have a network of support, including families, achieve better employment outcomes. Families and friends play an important role during the Project SEARCH year helping interns find success in their career paths. Research has shown the longer a young person with a disability is out of school and not productive, the more difficult it is to gain employment. The Project SEARCH programme is designed to assist families and friends in providing that support and assistance for their interns during their Project SEARCH experience. 

Why Family Involvement is Important

  • Successful employment outcomes result when families build on their intern’s strengths and interests and are more involved in their intern’s educational programs.

  • Families set expectations based on the belief that everyone should have the opportunities and supports needed to pursue meaningful employment.

  • Families understand the skills, interests and learning strategies of their intern.

  • Families focus on abilities and build learning and experiences around interests and abilities.

  • Families help build a network of peers who support academic, employment and social development.

  • Families ask questions and focus planning on their intern.  They build supports that will service the interests and talents of the individual.

How Family is Involved

  • Family is part of the employment planning team.  They provide input in helping members of the team understand effective communication and learning strategies.  Family also assists in career planning by communicating the skills and strengths of their intern.

  • Family helps support a business code of conduct.  Businesses follow a set of standards that apply to all employees.  Families help ease that transition by providing support and setting expectations.

  • Families reinforce skills that are necessary for successful and sustainable employment.

Still interested?

Learn about our enrolment process. 


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