Our 2022 Interns

Meet our interns for 2022 and learn a bit more about them. 


Caitlin Fleming

Hello my name is Caitlin Fleming.

I am 20 years old. I went to New Brighton Unit, Ferndale School. My interests are baking and basketball for the Special Olympics. I am at Project SEARCH to help me get a paid job. I am interested in the cafe and cleaning. I am always on time to work and love a challenge. My dream job is working in a cafe to learn how to make coffees and hot chocolates. I always do my work independently. I'm good at asking for help and I am so excited to be an intern for Project SEARCH.


Amy Verdellen

Kia ora, my name is Amy and i am 19 years old.

I went to Allenvale school. My interests and hobbies are Horse Riding and makeup. I like watching TikTok videos and learning the dances. I like going to the gym to do dance classes and yoga classes and doing cardio on the treadmill. I like reading books it makes me feel really relaxed. My favourite book at the moment is It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. Internships that interest me are the cafe, admin and elderly work. 


Luka Willems

Hello, my name is Luka Willems. I am 19 and I went to Papanui High. My interests and hobbies are my Youtube Channel and my goal is to get 1 Million or one billion Subscribers. I like social media, I have Facebook, my own TikTok and Instagram. I like to post about food and learn dances. I have a youtube Channel and my video of signing Pepeha by Six60 has 1.616 views. I am interested in gardening and working in the cafe at Burwood Hospital. I will be happy to finish project Search in December and to get myself a job.


Jeffery Baliza

My name is Jeffrey Baliza.

I am 20 years old and i went to Ferndale School, New Brighton Unit. My interests and hobbies are sewing and art and craft. I like to make scrunchies and masks for people.

I enjoy making my TikTok videos and keeping in touch with my friends Jono and Rose at New Brighton. I am here at Project SEARCH to learn new skills. Internships that interest me so far are the cafe and kitchen. I look forward to meeting new people and making some new friends.


Ami Okada

Hi my name is Ami and i am 20 years old.

I went to Allenvale Special School. My interests are makeup, cooking and being a volunteer at Lego Imagination Station. I spend my time doing sports, cleaning, gymnastics and Aikido Martial Arts. I also like working at my mum's sushi shop. I am here at Project SEARCH to focus on the jobs and being on time all the time. I want to learn to communicate with patients and staff and maybe work with the Orderlies. I want to be more Independent to get a job in the future.


Josh Jones

My name is Josh Jones. I am 19 years old and i went to Papanui High School. My Interests and Hobbies are Basketball and Horse Riding. I like to tell funny jokes to my friends, listen to music and I love trains. It is important for me to be well presented and have friends that support me. I am here at Project SEARCH to make new friends and work hard. Internships that Interest me so far are Orderlies and Cafe. I'm so excited to start my new internships here at Burwood Hospital but I'm a bit nervous.


Jacob Lowson

Hello my name is Jacob Lowson.

I am 20 years old and went to Papanui High School. My interests and hobbies are running with Achilles and fitness. I like trains and reading books and tidying up.

Thank you for having me at Burwood Hospital. I am here at Project SEARCH to learn Cafe, Mail, Stores and Cleaning work. I am happy to have new friends and help with cleaning. I hope to enjoy the jobs I do.


Jack Paul

Kia ora, my name is Jack Paul

I am 19 years old and went to Hillmorton High school.

My Interests are scooting and having fun with my friends.

I am here at project SEARCH to learn new skills and hoping to get a paid job. The internships that interest me so far are cafe work and fixing things. I feel amazing to be here with my new friends and hospital family.