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Project SEARCH is no longer operating. 

Due to the lack of a sustainable funding model we are not able to offer this programme in Christchurch.

What is Project SEARCH?

Te Whatu Ora Project SEARCH is a business led internship for high school leavers aged 18 to 21 years old who have learning disabilities, and who want to enter the workforce.

The total immersion one year internship is designed to give students marketable work experience and skills to compete for a job in their chosen field.

Photo of Hayley Butler, graduate of Project SEARCH

Hayley Butler, pictured here, is a 2019 graduate and a proud essential worker in the Burwood Hospital, Spinal Unit Department.

What our interns say...

"I can't believe how much Project SEARCH has impacted on my future. Each time I have been at my hospital appointments, I always wear my name badge, and I think it's funny to see all my doctors and nurses - they are so pleased with how far my life has come." 


What employers say... 

"If I could bottle the interns’ work ethic and their motivation to work hard and do not an okay job, but do it exceptionally well, I would in a heartbeat." 



Background image for Project SEARCH

If you're getting ready to leave school and you’re interested in getting ‘work-ready’, Project SEARCH may be for you!

Fill in the email enquiry form to get in touch, or call our co-ordinator Linda Leishman with the link below. 

Email Enquiry Form

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