Project SEARCH Graduates

Project SEARCH Canterbury has only completed it's third year and we have already had some wonderful results in our work training internships!

Check out where some of our Graduates are now!

Updates on our 2021 Interns are coming soon. 
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2019 Graduates of Project SEARCH Canterbury DHB

2019 Graduation

From left to right: Jason Laurie, Emelia Guthrie, Ethan Hamiliton-Currey, Hayley Butler, Finn Lean-Massey, Deanna Rogers, Tor Poulter and Ricky Reeves.

2020 Graduates of Project SEARCH Canterbury DHB

2020 Graduation

From left to right: Harrison Stevens, Sajal Shavika, Liam Harris, Michael Davies, Tyrone Henry, Kingsley Yorke, Lee Barry and Logan Moloney

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2021 Graduation

From left to right: Laura Robertson, Gabriel Beyrer, Wiremu Manahi, Jacob Levington, Carl Te Tone-Huia, Bella Lammers and James Duthie. 


James Duthie

I am working in a full-time, permanent role at the Canterbury DHB Clinical Records Department. I really enjoy working on the computer and filing. 


Wiremu Manahi

I am working full-time, Monday - Friday at the Christchurch Public Hospital as an Orderly. I have a really supportive and nice team and i enjoy going to work everyday. 


Carl Te Tone Huia

I am working in the Supplies Department for the Canterbury DHB. I really enjoy the stores work and have an understanding and supportive manager and colleagues. 


Bella Lammers

I have been offered part-time work at Rolleston Costume Hire and are looking for work working with children. 


Kingsley Yorke

I have found part-time work restocking shelves at New World. I have become a member of the Project SEARCH Steering Commitee as an Alumni so i can share what it is like being an intern. 

Photo of Liam Harris, successful graduate of Project SEARCH

Liam Harris

I am working full-time at Paul Harris Racing as a Stable Hand. I have always had an interest in horses so this suits me well.  I have bought my first car which I use to get to work.

Photo of Logan Moloney, successful graduate of Project SEARCH

Logan Moloney

I have started a part-time role with the Hurunui District Council in the Mayoral taskforce. I have done a variety of work to find what suits me best. They have given me my own PPE clothing for my work.

Photo of Tyrone Henry, successful graduate of Project SEARCH

Tyrone Henry

I’m doing work experience two days per week at Diana Isaac Retirement Village.  The people are friendly.  I have a uniform and a name badge.  

Photo of Hayley Butler, successful graduate of Project SEARCH

Hayley Butler

I have a permanent role with the CDHB in the Burwood Spinal Unit. I work 32 hours a week as a Health Care Assistant. I enjoy working with a good team of people.

Photo of Jason Laurie, successful graduate of Project SEARCH

Jason Laurie

I have a permanent role with the CDHB in Clinical Records. I start early in the morning at 7:00am and finish at 2:30pm. It is a job I enjoy with lots of variety and a quiet environment.

Photo of Finn Lean-Massey, successful graduate of Project SEARCH

Finn Lean-Massey

I work two part-time jobs. Five hours a week at Waffle On and eleven hours at New World in Stanmore Road. I have bought myself an electric bike that I ride to work and I now work without my job support person.